Our Growers

East Suffolk Produce was formed in 2013 and originally comprised of James Foskett Farms Ltd, Greenwell Farms, Home Farm (Nacton) Ltd and William Wrinch Farms. In 2014 we took on new members RJ & HW Wrinch and JA Low and Sons with Wix Farms joining in 2016. In total this represents circa 1200 Ha’s of Potatoes.

All our farms have a diverse range of conventional cropping including wheat, barley, sugar beet, cabbages, cauliflower and onions. Home Farm Nacton and James Foskett Farms also have organic units as part of their businesses and grow a broad range of organically certified crops. In all this equates to roughly 4,500 Ha’s of farmed land. If you want to find out more visit the web links on the grower tabs below.
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Greenwell Farms
Greenwell Farms, IP12 2BX
Home Farm Nacton
Home Farm Nacton, IP10 0EU
EH Wrinch & Son
EH Wrinch & Son, IP9 1LW
RJ & HW Wrinch
RJ & HW Wrinch, IP9 1EW
JA Low & Son
JA Low & Son, CO16 8HF
Wix Farms
Wix Farms, CO11 2NZ
James Foskett Farms
James Foskett Farms, IP12 2QB

The Farms that make up East Suffolk Produce: