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The Group

East Suffolk Produce is a grower group producing 30,000 tonnes of ware and 3,000 tonnes of seed potatoes based on and around the East Coast of Suffolk.

We specialise in early production from the beginning of June for new potatoes and the middle of July for Marfona and Maris Piper with Desiree and King Edwards usually starting during the first week in August. We also store Whites, Maris Peer and Charlotte through the season. We are always interested in new projects and different varieties and are pleased to discuss all customer requirements.
Charlie Stevens, James Wrinch & Josie Cockburn

East Suffolk Produce was formed in 2013 to assist our members with marketing their potatoes and look for opportunities to grow their businesses. Our aim is to achieve the best possible results for our growers and customers all of the time.

We are ideally placed on the East Suffolk Coast which provides warmer coastal temperatures to help with frost protection for the early season crops and therefore do our bit to help reduce the reliance on imported crops.

Crops are planned and planted weekly from February through to the end of July to ensure they hit the specific marketing windows that our customers require which in turn keeps crop as fresh as possible.

All of our growers are a mixture of Assured Produce, Nurture, F2F and Leaf Marque approved whilst Home Farm Nacton and James Foskett Farms are also both organically certified. In addition all of the growers participate in environmental schemes such as the Entry Level Scheme, The Organic Entry Level Scheme, Higher Level Scheme and some areas of SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest)


We offer all of our growers a tailor made agronomy service to meet their requirements and also engage in agronomy and consultancy work with non-members.

James Foskett Farms Seed

Producers of High Quality Safe Haven English Seed. Providing a unique service to growers where information about quality and planting densities is paramount.

Potato Trading

We utilise many of our existing relationships throughout the industry and are happy to talk to other growers about their requirements. In addition to providing alternative marketing opportunities we also offer credit insurance for growers where it is available providing peace of mind for everyone.