East Suffolk Produce

Formed in 2013, East Suffolk Produce was set up to assist its members to market their potatoes more effectively to a wider segment of the potato market than they were previously achieving. It consists of a team of 5 full time staff members, covering ware sales, logistics, seed sales, agronomy, field/store sampling and accounts. This allows us to cover all vital areas of potato production to ensure that we can achieve the best possible results for our growers and customers at all times.
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We are ideally placed on the East Suffolk Coast to provide warmer temperatures to aid with frost protection for the early season crops that we specialise in growing. This helps reduce the reliance on imported potatoes. East Suffolk Produce are also registered with SEDEX, Organic Farmers and Growers and GS1. We have also participated in the UK trade and investment passport to export programme.

The Group

We are a co-operatively minded grower group producing 50,000 tonnes of ware and 5,000 tonnes of seed potatoes based on and around the East Coast of Suffolk and Essex. In total this represents 1300 Ha’s of Potatoes. We specialise in early production from the beginning of June for new potatoes and the middle of July for Marfona and Maris Piper with Desiree and King Edwards usually starting during the first week in August. We also store Whites, Piper, Maris Peer and Charlotte through the season. Home Farm Nacton and James Foskett Farms are also growers of organic potatoes and other organic vegetables.


We offer all of our growers a tailor made agronomy service to meet their requirements and also engage in Agronomy and Consultancy work with non-members.

East Suffolk Produce Seed

The group are producers of High Quality English Seed providing a unique service to growers where information about quality and planting densities is paramount and just in time delivery can be arranged all the way through until the end of May.

Environmental Policy and Action Plans

East Suffolk Produce is part of the Carbon Charter network of sustainable businesses in Suffolk and through this we continue to explore ways of reducing our impacts and sharing best practice with others.