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James Foskett Farms Seed Potatoes

James Foskett Farms seed business is built around the Safe Haven Seed Scheme and is focussed and driven to achieve the best quality results:
  • Produced with a sharp customer focus
  • Not just seed, but a service as well
  • Using “best practice” techniques at all stages
  • Constantly under the agronomic eye of an in-house agronomist
  • Very few surprises, sell with confidence
  • You will receive the information you need about the seed. CUF reports, virus results and spacing/density sheets.
In order to achieve these results lots of specific criteria are monitored to ensure we can deliver on our aims:
  • Full PHSI field report available as independent analysis of stock
  • Complete VCS agronomy field reports available on request
  • Cambridge University Fungal analysis available, micro and macro
  • Post burn down viral tests for Leaf Roll, PVY and PVX available
  • Daily store temperature records kept if needed
  • Various packaging available, Bulker’s new boxes and big bags
  • Any treatments applied at cost, if needed
  • Delivery to planter “just in time” a speciality
  • No added storage costs until May
James Foskett Farms Quality Seed Potatoes

Varieties Grown

Marfona - Estima - Lanorma - King Edward - Maris Piper - Desiree - Maris Peer - Charlotte - Annabelle

Other varieties can be grown on request as long as permissions can be obtained from the plant breeders.

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