Home Farm (Nacton) Ltd

Andrew Williams, Farm Manager Home Farm Nacton
Photo: Andrew Williams, Farm Director.

Home Farm Nacton comprises 1,170 hectares of high quality agricultural land on the historic Orwell Park Estate, on the north bank of Suffolk’s Orwell estuary.

The farm is a patchwork of woodland, heath, grass and arable land – used for organic vegetable production as well as conventional vegetables and cereals. In total we grow over thirty different crops.

We’re currently working on 140 hectares under Soil Association organic certification. The farm is also LEAF marque and Red Tractor certified.
In the last 18 years the business has been shaped by a high level of investment in water management and irrigation, removing a constraint which once limited production to potatoes, carrots, sugar beet and cereals with limited yields and returns. The majority of our farmed area is light land which can be worked year round, the downside being that without irrigation it was difficult to compete in terms of producing mainstream crops.
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Home Farm Nacton
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With the capability to irrigate 98 per cent of our farmed area we focus on high-value crops, mainly early-season crops which are harvested from May to July and are followed by winter-harvested second crops.

Potentially, we are planting and harvesting crops every day of the year so we work the land hard, but as our focus is on farming sustainably we enhance the soil’s status by returning manures, compost and cover crops.

The farm is at the heart of the local community, its customers ranging from the public to local farm shops, wholesalers, box schemes, pack houses and supermarkets.

Home Farm is situated in The Street, Nacton; the office is a portion of Camilla court. Behind Camilla Court there is a coldstore where direct sales are collected and lorries are loaded. Beyond this there are crop stores, workshops, and machinery stores. There is also a second yard at Felixstowe Road which has an extensive concrete area with a large onion drying and storage facility. We also have other farm buildings and yards at some of our farm contract partners’ facilities.

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