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Mike Shapland and James Foskett
Photo: Mike Shapland and James Foskett

James Foskett Farms Ltd is an established family Farming Business based in Bromeswell near Woodbridge in East Suffolk where it has been growing crops in the Deben Valley for over 60 years. Soil types are mainly sands or sandy loams which enable us to produce high value vegetable crops with the help of irrigation which is extremely important in such a dry part of the country. The close proximity of the coast and the North Sea make sure spring frosts and high summer temperatures are not as severe in this area as further inland giving us a unique chance to grow early crops of good quality. Our land base amounts to 1000 Ha’s which is partly owned and partly rented, either on FBT’s or annual cropping licenses’ with various landowners. We grow a good mix of crops which include seed potatoes, ware potatoes, onions, organic crops, sugar beet and cereals .
Potatoes have always been the backbone of the business and huge investment has gone into state of the art grading, storage, growing and harvesting of our crops to satisfy our customers and make sure we are taking full advantage of modern technology if we can. We presently grow 400 Ha’s of which 120 Ha is certified seed. Onions have also become a very important crop to James Foskett Farms and we now grow in excess of 175 ha which are all destined for the multiples. Under our control we have storage for 7000 tonnes of onions in very modern up to date 3.5 tonne cold box storage and cold bulk stores, so we can keep the onions right up to May and the beginning of June before being marketed to Tesco and M&S via G’s Growers. Organic vegetable production was started in 2009 after two years of land conversion. We have a good range of crops to give us a sensible rotation which is essential in organic and all other crop production. Crops include potatoes, onions, green beans, carrots, sweet corn, butternut squash, courgettes, beetroot and fertility building crops.
James Foskett Farms are very conscious of the environment and have been proud to have been members of the countryside stewardship scheme in the past which has enabled the business to replant all the hedges and plant field corners with trees.  Nineteen percent of our own farm is uncropped and has a huge variety of wildlife, especially as we are in a river valley with reed beds and other favourable habitats. James Foskett Farms are proud of all the marketing accreditations it holds, these include Assured Combinable Crop Scheme, Assured Produce, M&S Field to Fork, Leaf Marque, Tesco Nurture, Little Red Tractor and are members of the Safe Haven Scheme for seed potatoes. We are also members of Organic Farmers and Growers.
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James Foskett Farms
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The essence of the business is to produce a product of the right quality at the right time to suit the customer.

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